Tips to make the phone last longer every one should know

5 tips to make the phone last longer every one should know

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The ideal battery of smartphone nowadays is somewhere in between these two extremes. And most smartphones do manage to meet this ideal line. But just in case, it is not enough for you the user, there are ways to prolong the battery lifea of your phone.


Almost all phones nowadays come with the battery saver mode. When applied, some of these modes reduce the phone's performance and switch off some non-critical functionality. A few go even beyond that, apply a monochrome — black and white user interface — and turn off everything except critical functionality like calls. It is worth using these modes when you absolutely have more battery life, even if it means reduced functionality. In most phone, you can toggle battery saver mode by going to Settings > Battery. 


On an Android phone, or even on an iPhone, the GPS, or "Location" as it is identified in the phone, is one of the biggest battery hogs. If you want more battery from your phone, turning it off is a good idea. When you need it again, for example while using a phone-based taxi app like Ola or Uber, you can manually turn it on. Just turning off the GPS, especially on an Android phone, will net you something like 2-3 hours of more battery life.

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It is tempting to switch of the auto brightness in a phone. On some occasions, the phone's screen is just too dull and you wish for more brightness. On these occasions, even if you manually turn the brightness up, don't forget to put it back on the auto once you have finished reading that big article. The screen is one component that uses the maximum amount of battery. If you keep it on the manual brightness mode, it's battery use will shoot up exponentially.

Don't have notifications for everything

We all need to know when someone is phoning us or when we receive a new message.
However, you don't need notifications for every app on your phone  – all of these naturally consume energy, so eliminate those unnecessary notifications as soon as possible.