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How to activate two-factor authentication for your Google account

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Two-Factor Authentication is an additional layer of security that is added to online accounts to ensure unauthorized access or logins. 

  • Head over to Google's My Account page. This page provides you an overview of your Google account settings and authorized apps. You can edit your personal details, alternate contact numbers and even add your primary contact number here.
  • Under the section "Sign-in & security" on the page, you will be provided with the option of carrying out a "Security Checkup". Consider this a manual diagnostic tool that Google has created to ensure that your account is accessed only on trusted devices. It provides you an overview of all the active sessions, the devices where your Google account has been logged into, the apps which have access to your Google account profile, and lastly the Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Once you complete the Two-Factor Authentication setup, the system checks to see if you've added your primary contact number. If not, then the system asks you to add the number first. Once it is done, you are ready to get going.