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How to Take Good Care of Your Laptop Computer, use these small tips to extend its life

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It is important that you take good care of your laptop to keep it working well. Following these easy steps will ensure that your laptop lasts longer and requires less maintenance.

Remove everything that you are not using

Most laptops these days have more bloatware than actual software. Bloatware are applications that come pre-installed and often are of no use. Lenovo laptops are one such example that come ridden with unnecessary software, most of them named something like One Touch this, One Touch that. No, don't touch it even once! Just remove it.
The functions offered by these software come by default with any Windows version. Some examples are — recovery manager, firewall which these days very well works as an anti-virus, password manager etc.

Don't overestimate your laptop's capabilities, because it isn't that good

Everything made by us has some or other limit to its capabilities, so do laptops. Here we are talking especially about your laptop's gaming abilities. 
If your laptops has somewhat respectable configuration, which packs in a dedicated graphics card, an in-built video card, it is but expected of you to install games in it. But in their zeal, users at times end up installing games that can only run on lowest settings. Why is that? Because your system cannot fulfill the game's outrageous hardware demands!
Just to keep it simple to understand: if you have bought your laptop in 2011 with top configuration, don't try to play games that came out in 2015 or even 2013. 
Many websites will show you that your laptop meets minimum requirements to play a certain game, but you should be wary if you want to use it for a long time. When a game, which meets minimum requirements, is played it pushes the whole system to its extreme. 

Clean your browser from time to time, go incognito

Browsers are actually like those closets which make your room look cleaner, but once you open those doors all hell breaks loose. This Narnia of a software keeps more things hidden than it shows. Meaning? The number of resources it uses to maintain all those bookmarks, history, add-ons and settings is beyond comprehension. In short, it is a lot!
If you use your browser for leisure internet surfing, then do use the Incognito Mode, you know, Ctrl+Shift+N. It will spare your system the load of browsing history. 
It is not feasible to not to create bookmarks, do but try to keep it limited. If you can't then we advise you to create a separate word or notepad file to save all those infinitesimal web addresses.

Stop auto-downloading system updates, don't give machines all the power

Auto-downloading updates may seem an important thing, but most of the time it is not. Updates are very much important, but if you care for your system then download them yourself instead of handing it over to the machine.

Keep liquids away from your laptop.

As tempting as it might be to drink coffee, soda, water or any other liquid near your laptop, accidents can happen all too easily. Alternatively, use a cup with a cover on it, so even if it does spill, the liquid doesn't go anywhere. Spilled liquids may damage the internal microelectronic components or cause electrical damage.