Top 10 Google Tips and Tricks you should know

Internet Tips & Tricks

1.Open Accidentally Closed Tabs
Have you ever mistakenly closed a tab? We all have. BUT thankfully Chrome is a forgiving browser and makes it possible to get it all back. Just right-click on another open tab and select "Reopen closed tab" or press Control-Shift-T (Command-Shift-T on a Mac) and Chrome will reopen any recently closed tabs. You can keep hitting it for more closed tabs working your way back through your browsing history. If you closed an entire window, with all your precious pinned tabs, open or click on a new Chrome window and select "Open closed window." Incognito Mode
For private browsing, you can enable secret (incognito) mode, where Chrome will not keep your browsing or download history. You can enable secret mode by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N, or go to Settings click “new incognito Window”, or you can select “open link in incognito window” by a right mouse click.

3.Navigate between multiple tabs quickly
If you ever need to read something quick on another tab, hold down the Control key (Command on Macs) and a number 1 through 9. Each number is associated with a different tab starting with 1 all the way to the left and moving incrementally through 9 tabs as you move to the right.

4.Add a Link to the Desktop
Chrome also offers an elegant, baked-in feature that allows users to add a clickable link to your desktop for later use. Just click the hamburger in the top-right corner > More tools > Add to desktop. This will prompt a pop-up window, which will allow you to name the link file (and a checkbox that gives you the option to open this page in a new window). This creates a clickable link on your desktop with an icon to represent the page. This feature is of limited use, but there ya go.

5.Chrome Is a Simple Multimedia Browser
Have you ever been organizing your computer and come across some multimedia file and you have no idea what it is or how it got on your computer? Well, if you just want to see what it is real quick, drag it directly into your Chrome browser window and take a quick gander.

6.Pin Tab
In Chrome. there is an option to pin a tab that can minimize the tab to display only the icon. When you have a number of tabs opened, this feature is very useful, as it will display the icons, leaving more space for multitasking. This option also avoids tabs lost on the side of the screen when you have numerous tabs open at one time.
Write Click on Tab and select pin tab option

7.Drag multiple tabs into a new window
Drag multiple tabs into a new window simultaneously by holding the Ctrl/Command key as you click on them.

8.Task Manager
Task manager shows the memory and CPU usage by each and every tab opened in your Google Chrome browser. If three are many Tabs open in the browser, and causing slow speed, you can open task manager to locate a problematic site.

You need to right click on the title bar and select “Task Manager”, or you can even Press Shift + escape key to open it.

9.Turn Chrome into a simple note taker.
Just enter "data:text/html, " into the omnibar.

This won’t replace Evernote anytime soon, but if you just want to jot something down real quick, it could be useful. HTML is your friend.

10.Quickly close tabs
Simply right-click on a tab and then select “Close Other Tabs” or “Close Tabs to the Right" to get rid of them fast.